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This Is Not My Life

No. Really. It's not.

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Evadne Noel is a figment of your imagination who happens to enjoy writing parody scripts, stupid fanfiction and going to the zoo. Sadly, your imagination is slow, so the parodies and fanfiction don’t happen as often as you’d like. Luckily, your imagination manages to get to the zoo once every second Friday.

If you need to contact this figment of your imagination, try meditation to locate that specific part of your sub-conscious that is Evadne Noel. Failing that, try an email to evadne dot noel at gmail.com.

Friending Policy: Don't care if you friend, defriend or whatever without telling me. If you'd like me to friend you back, please just drop me a comment saying that you don't mind if I do.

If you're looking for an older Breadbox Edition, check my memories. I have all of them that I've edited and re-posted there.

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