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Drabble Meme
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I need a kick in the pants start.

MEME: The first fifteen people to comment on this post with a prompt get to request a drabble from you. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal (though, no pressure). Post all fandoms you’re willing to write for.

Um, the "fandoms [I'm] willing to write for" are pretty limited. I've only ever written extensively for HP, and mostly only about the bad guys. However, technically, I've also written for Bizenghast, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, so if you're feeling daring, you can request one of those.

Also, I loosely define drabble here, so it will be at least 100 words, but probably not that exactly.

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Luckily, Edaniel counts as a violently lime green somethingorother.

- - - - - - - -

As the giant, three-headed dog reared up over her, it occurred to Dinah that she had never encountered a ghost who had set up so many damn death traps. One major death trap, or two or three minor ones, was par for the course. But so far they had fled a dragon on flying broomsticks, crossed a pond full of floating dead bodies, and Edrear had hacked the head off of what had appeared to be a giant snake. The worst by far, however, had been the tall, black draped figures that had tried to corner them. The endless chill that had filled Dinah had been worse than going insane. Luckily, Edrear’s quick thinking had saved them, and he’d collapsed the wall on top of some, and blocked the way to the rest.

Of course, it had also blocked the four of them in with the three-headed dog.

“Nice doggy,” said Edaniel. One of the dogs’ heads barked echoingly and chomped at him. “Well,” he said, wiping off some dog saliva, “there goes my chance to strike a blow for dog/violently-lime-green-cat-monster relations.”

“Edaniel, keep distracting that head!” commanded Edrear. “Miss Dinah, Vincent, you two keep another head busy. I’ll start hacking them off while they’re paying attention to you!”

“No!” said Dinah. “You can’t solve everything by cutting its heads off. I don’t think it’s trying to kill us. Look, it’s standing on a trap door!”

“That’s great,” said Vincent, “but it still won’t let us get close. How do we get by, then?”

“Maybe the flute I picked up from the graveyard outside,” said Dinah, putting the flute to her mouth. At the first few tentative notes, the dog began to calm down.

“Huh. Soothes the savage beast, and all that jazz,” said Edaniel.

As the dog lay down on the floor, Edrear pulled open the trap door. “Let’s go,” he said, and disappeared into the darkness below. Edaniel and Vincent followed quickly. Still playing as best she could, Dinah backed slowly to trap door before turning suddenly and jumping in.

She could see nothing as she fell, and could hear nothing but the whistling of wind as it went past her head. With a sudden jolt, she landed on a hard, stone floor. “Ahhh! Ow,” she said.

“Dinah!” Vincent appeared out of the darkness at her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, but where are we?”

“Some kind of storeroom,” said Edaniel, winding from between Vincent’s legs. “A storeroom for glass balls.”

Looking around, Dinah could see Edaniel was correct. Around her was shelf after shelf of dusty glass balls. Leaning in close, she could read names on them, but it made no immediate sense to her. “I wonder what they are?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Edrear shortly. “No one has tried to kill us yet, but we need to be on guard.”

In a tight group, the four of them crept down the narrow aisles between shelves. There was no sound, no sign of any living or dead thing but themselves.

A sharp noise like a sob pulled Dinah up short. Pulling ahead of the others, she rounded a corner and found a girl, no older than 13, clutching one of the balls and crying. “What happened?” asked the ghost.

“I…I don’t know,” said Dinah.

The others came around the corner behind her and stared at the ghost. “What happened?” the girl said again, plaintively.

“Oh,” said Vincent. “That makes sense.” He stepped away from the others to stand next to Dinah. He then addressed the ghost: “They find and destroy the Horcruxes, while spending a lot of time in the woods. Harry dies, but comes back to life again. Pretty much half the rest of the cast dies, but doesn’t come back. Snape is a good guy with a lifelong crush. Voldemort is an idiot. Neville is awesome and Luna is awesome, but her dad not so much. Um…oh, and Dumbledore’s gay.”

“I knew it!” cried the ghost, as a burst of white light took her to her final rest.

Curse you and your violent lime green logic!

This is completely and without a doubt awesome. (Ah, the joys of tossing ideas out without any preconcieved notions of what you'll get.)

I feel a weird urge to describe everything as "violently lime green" [whatever]. It's an adjective phrase you just don't hear enough.

Thank you! I know it's not technically a crossover, but I'm glad you liked it!

My second colour suggestion would have been nauseatingly Pepto-Bismol pink... I'm glad I went for the green.

As am I; my vivid imagination for colors thanks you.

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