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This Is Not My Life

No. Really. It's not.

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This is why I shouldn't be allowed near memes
Private Moon

Always Remember:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sure he got some bad fashion advice from Superman once, but really. Get a mirror, Grayson, and leave poor Joseph alone.

From Dorian's meme here!

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Oh, augh. Thank you for mentioning that.

(Deleted comment)
The collar is totally Elvis in Las Vegas. Oh man, he needs a heavy gold chain and a lounge standard ("My Way" perhaps), and he'll be all set for a new life away from Gotham.

You could always argue that his time with Batman stunted both his capacities for emotion and fashion.

Well, considering he designed his own Robin costume too (pixie boots and short pants?!), I think it's more of a "nature" than "nurture" problem.

Probably didn't help though.

That's new and improved!

...Sorry. Everytime I think about comics, the mental image of that page comes up, thanks to vzg. I've never touched a comic book, and yet...

Seriously, how are you supposed to forget it when someone just posts it with no context what-so-ever?

Also, have you ever been to SuperDickery?

that...is a spectacular picture. I'm reminded of every Remus/Sirius fic I've ever read and yet, at the same time, somehow bewildered and disturbed. I love things taken out of context, it just makes them eighty-seven times funnier (*cough* dirtier)!

Aha, I can't think of another way that picture could be interpreted. Beautiful.

SuperDickery is the greatest site in the universe. I love the "Stupor Powers" section for the greatest WTF impact.

I seriously just found that site and I've spent a consecutive 2 and half hours on it since. It's fantastic! I absolutely love it! My favorite is Seduction of the Innocent. All of the Batman/Robin slashiness cracks me up.

And I found one last night in Confounding Comic Covers, one called "Hansi, the girl who loved Swastikas." I nearly choked on my tongue. It was great.

I've read some of the pages of the Hansi one; it only gets more cracktacular. It might have been on scans_daily, so it might be in the memories.

(>~<) Buahahahaha~! And you know, I really only have a problem with his HAIR. *has strongest urge to grab a pair of electirc shears*

I have a bigger problem with his eventual MULLET, which he doesn't have here, so I forgive his hair for now.

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