October 30th, 2004

Private Moon

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Breadbox Edition

This is the sixth time I've tried to put this story up. I hate lots of things (though not EVERYTHING). I think the Powers that Be do not particularly like this story. I can hardly blame them, as I this is not my favorite either. I sound so bitter. And I'm really not. Cynical and sarcastic, yes, but not bitter. Anyway, here's the last HP BBE in my set. At least I'll have the accomplishment of finally putting them all up under my belt.

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Private Moon


Hey, what's a good name for an angsty, faux, Hot-Topic style Goth Girl? Or, alternatively, for a Punk Grrrl Bitch?


Thanks for all the suggestions! The reason I needed the name was because I was going as a Goth Girl for Halloween, and I wanted a suitably stupid name to give people when they asked. I went for Storm Ravenblood. It went well.
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