This Is Not My Life

No. Really. It's not.

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Damn straight. Besides, I like your version better than JKR's for some inexplicable reason...

Heh, Voldie's shiny bald head of doooooom.

Aha, thanks. Voldemort's head is his secret weapon, though it took him years to realize it. It's an excellent distraction. One minute your enemy is watching you for any sudden wand movements and the next, WHOOM! blinded by a shiny head.

I love you.

And I want their designer evening wear.

Thanks! Their designer evening wear is not that great, sadly. Mostly black robes, pointy hats and two types of masks (one skull-like, the other available in a wide range of colors and shapes).

You know, I actually went looking for a skull mask for Halloween. Couldn't find any, even on the internet. Kind of made me sad since I wanted to be a Death Eater.

Couldn't find any? Wow, someone is missing out on a marketing niche.

Any that I particulary liked. I didn't look very long, I realized I had no money.

"They were made for each other. Voldemort/Minister of Magic OTP."

it's funnier the second time around, and it was hilarious the first time



Thank you!

Now I feel this odd urge to write a one-shot wherein Dumbledore DOES sort out a romantic issue with Voldie and the Minister.

That would be pure crack, and I for one, think it would be hilarious.

I LOL'd. I wonder why I never bothered to go back and read these first OUAFTs? Well, the director's cuts are even better!

Thanks! The older ones tend to be more random and dialogue heavy. I'm glad you like the director's cut version!

The fourth wall deserves death anyway. XD

And I believe they still make Ranger Rick. I'm pretty sure my library subscribes to it.

HBP actually convinced me that Snape was on the side of righteousness, much to my dismay. I totally wanted him to be evil.

Man, Ranger Rick. I loved that magazine. That and World. Kids have such fun magazines.

Honestly, I wish Snape was evil/will be evil. It would be so much cooler if he managed to outwit Dumbledore.

(Deleted comment)
Man, you know not-fanon!Snape is hurting for the ladies.

He even killed the guy and dipped the candle himself.

Hahahaha. I always knew Snape was a hands-on kind of guy. Didn't Sarah Noble call Potions something like 'the magical home-ec". It seems that making stuff himself is right up Snape's alley.

Perhaps Snape is the MacGyver of the wizarding world.

In that case, we need for him to have his own tv show. It could air on BBC2!

Aha, yeah, Sarah and I call Potions "Mixing and Boiling 101," among other similar things. Snape's a very domestic, crafty guy under the greasy hair and nasty demeanor (hence the Martha Stewart's Living).

Hm, you already used the Martha Stewart analogy...maybe my title for him could be "Magical Girl Scout Troopleader"? It sounds really lame, though...

I don't think he's quite up to Troop Leader level. They have training, after all. He's more like Day Camp CIT level.

I always figured that, logically, there must be a limit to how funny your OUaFT fics can be...but then you write director's cuts and the whole scale gets re-evaluated. I love your writing!

PS: Is it ok if I friend you?

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked this version.

Sure, I don't mind being friended at all! I'd be happy to return the favor, if you have no objection.

:) Not only do I have no objection, I'd be honoured.

Possibly. Not all precincts have reported in yet, and 2000 taught us not to declare a winner until it was all over


I think this used to be my favourite chapter on OUaFT. Only I haven't read it in a while.

Which reminds me, I should really find my PDA charger.

It's one of my favorites, so I'm glad you liked it. I just wanted a really, really dumb reason for Snape to desert to the good side.

It was a pretty good reason, though. I mean, if your evil boss forms a company softball team, it's probably about time to go AWOL. Or spy. Spy probably works better, since your evil boss won't hunt you down and kill you. Unless you're a bad spy.

Well, it was a good reason until Dumbledore decided he wanted a softball team too. Then Snape just had to suck it up and play ball. Probably the reason he's a double agent.

Indecisive, maybe. I don't think the Ministry's got a team, though...

The Ministry is not organized enough to have a softball team. They have yet to reach the level of cohesiveness that the Death Eaters and the Order have achieved.

So...Snape requires a certain level of organisation in a side before he'll join it?

That, or twenty-five cents.

I bet the Ministry has twenty-five cents. Thirty, even.

"I am on a mission to make everything associated with Voldemort green. J.K. Rowling has made a good start, but I think I could expand his color scheme to unseen horizons."

Luci has been working on that. You might want to get in touch with him. So far, he's added..."loden". :P

Well, see, I consider Mr. Lucius to be the ultimate high fashion accessory for the up-and-coming Dark Lord. One's leading henchmen should be a tasteful reflection of one's own style. His love of loden notwithstanding.

Are you saying Lucius is a "European carry-all"? Heh.

re: Severus Snape Decides to Join Dumbledore

*laughs and laughs* Magically delicious! :)

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